• Make sure to wash and dry your lunch box set before first use.

• To ensure the box is sealed properly, check that the top edges of the base and silicone seal on the lid are clean and dry. Firmly push the lid down on all sides so there are no gaps then close the clips.

• Do not overfill, always leave a minimum gap of 1.5 cm at the top of the insert (if using), or the stainless container.

• Keep the box flat when possible during transport.

• The stainless steel base and insert
are oven safe.

• This box and insert are freezer safe; perfect for food storage -40"C / -40"F.

• Do not heat the stainless steel parts in the microwave.

• Do not use bleach, cleaners containing chlorine.abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on any part of the box as they may dull the finish.