Each product is dreamed up, imagined, invented ... inspired from family life. They’re made by our family, for your family.

EKOBO Originals

Each of our products are original and unique. Our designs are never sourced from Alibaba, nor picked out of a factory catalog; we invest in our own moulds. Every curve, every shade have been carefully curated by us, based on real-life experience of feeding our 3 girls, their tiny hands and eating habits. But their dishes had to look good on our table too! Modern palettes for our modern home, no Mickey, no Minnie. Our range has grown along with them – from highchair to school, holiday tables and camping trips, we always look to the future.

Looking ahead means our designs are functional, pragmatic and very much “no-fuss” coupled by a commitment to eco-responsible and sustainable materials. Our products are meant to be used and REUSED, by all ages, indoors and outdoors. They are developed in-house with our small team of designers and in collaboration with guest designers. Our signature designs have been recognized by way of various awards of excellence, our most recent, a Gold Junior Design Award for the Best Eco Children’s Tableware Design 2019 and 2020. EKOBO products are now stocked around the globe and featured in design shops of some of the most celebrated cultural institutions around the world; both a real honor and testament to the quality of our design.

Made with love